If you are called 10 minutes to your wedding to sign a $10m (N1.6bn) contract, what would you do? SEE ANSWERS

Even the heavens won’t forgive me if I miss the
Oluwafemi Olaniyi
Are you talking about $10m? Jesus! I will not even think
twice before I jump at the offer. I am even sure if my
wife-to-be and my in-laws hear the news, they will be the
ones to command me to go and sign the contract first.
What are we talking about? That amount of money is too
big to ignore. Even the heavens will not forgive me if I
don’t go for the contract. What is the essence of doing
the wedding and going broke after? It could be a once-in-
a-lifetime opportunity. Let the money come first; the
wedding can be arranged some other time.
I will postpone the wedding till further notice
Oigbokie Austin
I will not hesitate to postpone the wedding until after I
have signed the contract. It is as simple as ABC. I am
sure the amount I will spend on my wedding will not even
be up to one-tenth of the contract amount we are talking
about. In fact, I may not even ask for permission from
anyone before I go for the signing of the contract. When
they see me later and I tell them the story, they will even
be the ones to help me shout halleluyah. N1.6bn contract
is not a small change in any part of the world.
I can’t sacrifice my wedding for any amount
Shola Ojo
Wedding is the most precious moment in my life that I
have been waiting and planning for, and nothing in this
world can change it. It is that moment when a union with
the lover of my life will lead to a change in my destiny,
help me to be able to procreate and bring forth another
generation of great people in my life. I cannot sacrifice
that kind of moment for any amount of money. My
marriage is eternal while the money is ephemeral. The
contract is a short-term event, material in nature, and will
even pass away. Money is not the end to everything in
I can’t ignore a N10m contract not to talk of $10m
Bukade Adeoye
To be sincere, I will not even wait to be permitted by the
officiating ministers at the wedding venue before I opt out
to the venue of the contract signing. I have not become
rich to the extent of ignoring a N10m contract not to talk
of a $10m one. There are always some things to be done
first in every life situation. In this one, the contract is
more important than the wedding. Weddings can be
rescheduled due to any circumstance whereas there are
some life opportunities that don’t come again. When
such opportunities come, embrace them and don’t let
them go.
Even scripture say money answers all things
Femi Olu
I will not hesitate to dash out of the church premises and
take a relay to the place where I will sign the contract.
This must be a contract I have been working towards and
waiting for; hence, I will postpone the wedding.
Remember that it is 10 minutes to the wedding, not that
we are about to be joined. If we are in the wedding
session already, that is a different scenario. What good
husband can one become if there is no money, and does
the scripture not say that money answers all things?
I will let my husband-to-be tell me what to do
Chidinma Nwankwo
If I still have ten minutes before the programme begins, I
will quickly go and sign the contract. But if I’m in the
church already and the programme is about to start, I will
stay for my wedding because I see no reason why I
should leave my husband-to-be at such a crucial hour
because of money. He is okay and good enough for me.
I will inform him to be able to make an informed decision.
If he accepts, I will go for it, and if he does not, I will stay.
Money is not everything, but if he has not arrived at the
church and we have not started, I will go and collect it
and show him the money later.
My husband-to-be will urge me to run to sign the
Dorah Osas
Of course, I will leave without wasting time. I know my
husband-to-be will be mad at me if he finds out that I
didn’t go for it or that I didn’t leave on time. In fact, if I tell
him, he will be the one to urge me to run there. Marriage
is about two people, not the crowd you have invited to
come, eat, and witness your matrimony. When they
leave, they don’t care about how the two of you will
survive from that moment onward. If I rush for the $10m
contract, my husband and I will live a better life and we
can hold the wedding (party) another day.
.They can hold praise and worship until I come back
Abiodun Oluwatoyin
I will postpone or stop the wedding and go for the
contract. Whether I’m still at home or on the way or even
in the church, I will go because that is a lot of money
which is even enough to establish us afterwards. Let the
wedding wait and if it can’t, we will do it later. If I’m in the
church when I receive the call, I will tell the pastor to wait
or maybe delay it till I come back. They can even be
doing praise and worship till I come back. I will look for a
way and any means to go and conclude the contract. But
if I must go for the money. I will tell my husband later and
of course, the money will belong to the two of us
I won’t leave my wedding for money
Hannah Benedict
I won’t leave the wedding or my husband because of a
contract. I will rather lose the money and have my man
intact. Money will go, but my man will be with me. Not
even these days that it is not very easy to find a good
husband. When I receive the call, I may tell him and I
may not, but I won’t leave or postpone the wedding for
any such thing; but I will tell him later. I’m sure that will
reassure him of my love for him. My wedding and my
husband are more important and precious to me.
Marriage is forever, but money may go. Besides, I will
make more money later.
I can’t waste such an opportunity
Adeola Durojaye
Because the contract sum is much, I will rather go for it
since it won’t take so much time to conclude and come
back. People go late to church on their wedding day, so
why won’t I go? Moreso, that I still have ten minutes
before the wedding starts is a good opportunity. It does
not matter whether I’m in the church when my phone
rings, I will look for a way out or even take excuse and go
for it; then I can marry when I come back. The money is
enough to solve many things after the wedding and even
set up a business; so why should I jeopardise it for
something that can wait? I will take the contract first.

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